Initial Consultation

I offer all my new clients a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION initial  60 min appointment

It is an informal conversation about the issues you would like to resolve. It provides me with an opportunity to understand your problems and most importantly, I can understand what would be the desired outcome or goal. It is important to emphasise that sessions and information will remain strictly confidential.

You will receive detailed explanation of what Hypnotherapy is, what it can achieve and how our mind and brain work in terms of neuroplasticity and subconscious functioning.  The brain and our mind are such fascinating parts of us. It is truly empowering to understand why we suffer certain way and how some of our habits and programs can easily sabotage our wellbeing and progress in life. In many cases, we end up being our own worse enemy, without even realising it.  At this stage I can address all your questions, get to know each other more ascertaining if and how we might work together. This will allow you to decide whether hypnotherapy can support you on your journey to resolve your problem so you can put it firmly behind you.

This session does not include hypnosis,  but you will be given a complimentary relaxation recording for you to listen to at home. This can increase your ability to relax and feel more empowered during our first session.

Hypnotherapy is not a magic  and will not provide  immediate fix. It is all about gently remoulding the brain and slowly changing the perspectives. The first benefits will be observed and felt after a few sessions and the new patterns will continue to be firmly embedded so new neurological pathways will be created to support the new desired behaviour. Consequent hypnotherapy sessions last around an hour each. Many clients reflected on their sessions as a very positive experience where they often feel inspired and motivated towards taking positive action when they leave.

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