Pain management

There are two types of pain that we experience.

  1. Acute pain is often short-term and is usually sharp.
  2. Chronic pain is more complicated . This is long-term, persistent, and can interfere with your daily life, keeping you from doing things you want and need to do. Chronic pain is often the result of an injury or health condition such as an injury or surgery, arthritis, an infection, nerve damage, or fibromyalgia. But, sometimes chronic pain can begin without any obvious cause.

Chronic pain can be debilitating – taking a toll on your self-esteem, make you feel depressed, anxious, and frustrated. It can range from mild to severe, continue day after day or come and go, and interfere with your sleep.

Symptoms of chronic pain
  • A dull ache
  • Throbbing
  • Burning
  • Soreness, Stiffness
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle aches
  • Sleep problems + fatigue
  • Loss of stamina and flexibility
  • Mood problems (depression, anxiety, irritability)
How can hypnotherapy help with chronic pain

Chronic pain is defined as pain that persists for more than three months. Hypnotherapy can help individuals manage chronic pain by reducing the perception of pain, increasing relaxation, reducing stress, and improving coping mechanisms.

During a hypnotherapy session for chronic pain, I will guide you into a trance-like state, and then suggest positive changes to your thoughts and feelings related to their pain. This may include suggestions to visualize the pain in a different way, to focus on relaxation, or to use specific coping mechanisms when the pain arises. Hypnotherapy for pain management works to reduce stress and manage potential fear and stress you might have relating to your condition. The overall effect relaxes the whole nervous system and it creates a spare capacity to discomfort and pain on subconscious level.

Research has shown that hypnotherapy can be effective in reducing chronic pain in a variety of conditions, including fibromyalgia, back pain, and cancer pain. It may be used alone or in combination with other treatments, such as medication or physical therapy.

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