Anxiety and eating disorder

I was initially sceptical when it was suggested to me that I could benefit from Hypnotherapy. “Mind control and head shrinkers” were the words that came to my mind. However I needn’t have been concerned. Iva puts you completely at ease and her methods allow you to monitor your progress at your own pace. I had been suffering from anxiety about many things and in particular, an eating disorder. Having had a number of sessions over a 4 months period, I feel far more resilient than I have ever done and am now able to take life’s knocks without them crushing me. The best thing that the sessions with Iva have given me is the realisation that I have a power to chart my own course in life. There will always be things outside my control but the confidence you get from being able to drive those within your control is palpable. The power of positive thinking is undeniable but being guided by someone as professional as Iva gives a necessary boost to the progress.

Tony 53


I never considered hypnotherapy seriously before, but it was a real eye opener. I seeked help for my tinnitus problem, but received so much more than tinnitus relief. It was nothing I expected, it was scientifically based, pleasant and very relaxing. I would call it gym for the mind, but without the sweating. I learned how to control my stress levels, boosted my confidence and I am able to see my life as a gift every day.


The Hypnotherapy sessions with Iva truly saved my sanity. My life has been full of up and downs last year. It has been physically exhausting and mentally stressful. I cannot exactly quantify the change but I soon started to look forward to my weekly session with Iva. I could completely let go of my problems and enjoy the bliss of feeling happy and refreshed. Iva’s voice always managed to guide me to a deep relaxation where I was able to re-calibrate my reality and attitudes. As a result, I soon started to feel much calmer in everyday situations and felt totally in control of my life again.

Anxiety and Depression

I started seeing Iva when I was suffering from chronic pain following knee replacement surgery and was also struggling with anxiety and depression. Though initially sceptical about whether hypnotherapy would work for me,Iva has proven that the link between stress and chronic pain is very real. It has often been a struggle to walk to the appointment , but after a hypnotherapy session the pain is substantially reduced and I am able to walk much more easily.


Hypnotherapy helped me to find a new meaning to my life. My husband passed away after long illness. The stress of caring after him and a new reality of being completely alone after 50 years of marriage was totally overwhelming. I became more and more depressed. Iva has managed to lift the suffocating cloud of despair and I was soon able to regain the control of my life again. The whole process was gentle and caring . It helped me to release the anxiety baggage I was carrying for such a long time.