Does Hypnotherapy work???

Well, it does and it is a reasonable question to ask.  I would like to explain and also dissolve some popular myths here in the coming blogs.

There are still many popular misconceptions and myths surrounding hypnosis (sometimes we call it a trance). People still associate it with comical stage gigs, where, by clicking fingers we make things happen or make fun of the subject. It is not a process where you come in doing one thing and walk out doing another having been in a hypnotic trance.

Modern Clinical Hypnotherapy is far from that. It is a process and very enjoyable at that.  It is simply a very gentle talking therapy using hypnosis. Thanks to many amazing discoveries in the field of neuroscience, it can be finally validated. It is a therapy built on a sound scientific knowledge that allowed us to understand the links between the conscious and unconscious mind and brain functioning, over the last two decades.

 The hypnotic trance is essentially a state of voluntary, alert and relaxed awareness. Our mind becomes more open to new ideas and new possibilities which might normally have been dismissed by the thinking conscious mind and the underlying belief systems that generate these thoughts. By changing the negative, it will also greatly relieve our stress load and helps to address our anxiety or depression that can keeps us in the permanent vicious circle.

Once we start working with our subconscious mind we are able to remove negative patterns of thinking that have been created at some stage of our life.

If our beliefs or behaviour patterns are not the same in our conscious and subconscious minds, there will be an internal conflict. Generally speaking, the subconscious mind is always stronger and wins. This is why, it is so difficult to change our habits and beliefs, even though they are often unwanted or damaging.

For instance, I need to do some public speaking. Consciously I know I prepared well and know my subject, but if there is a different behaviour pattern in my subconscious mind (perhaps memory of some bad presentation in the past) I will start to stutter, start sweating, shaking and feeling unwell.

Hypnosis sessions will be able to synchronise the unwanted behaviour and the desired behaviour. By accessing the subconscious mind  we can change and strengthen the desired outcome. We will be able to find new solutions to issues and be more aware of your inner strengths and capabilities. This process can then support you in sustaining change and help you to recognise patterns of thinking, feeling and doing that can shift old habits.

I hope, I helped you to start make sense of it all.

SO ..if you are intrigued, tried other things that did not produced any change and wonder if hypnotherapy can support you on your journey, I offer all my new clients a free 60 minute no-obligation appointment. We can chat about all your questions, your issue/concerns and get to know each other ascertaining if and how we might work together.