Does Hypnotherapy work???

Well, it does and it is a reasonable question to ask.  I would like to explain and also dissolve some popular myths here in the coming blogs.

There are still many popular misconceptions and myths surrounding hypnosis (sometimes we call it a trance). People still associate it with comical stage gigs, where, by clicking fingers we make things happen or make fun of the subject. It is not a process where you come in doing one thing and walk out doing another having been in a hypnotic trance.

Modern Clinical Hypnotherapy is far from that. It is a process and very enjoyable at that.  It is simply a very gentle talking therapy using hypnosis. Thanks to many amazing discoveries in the field of neuroscience, it can be finally validated. It is a therapy built on a sound scientific knowledge that allowed us to understand the links between the conscious and unconscious mind and brain functioning, over the last two decades.

 The hypnotic trance is essentially a state of voluntary, alert and relaxed awareness. Our mind becomes more open to new ideas and new possibilities which might normally have been dismissed by the thinking conscious mind and the underlying belief systems that generate these thoughts. By changing the negative, it will also greatly relieve our stress load and helps to address our anxiety or depression that can keeps us in the permanent vicious circle.

Once we start working with our subconscious mind we are able to remove negative patterns of thinking that have been created at some stage of our life.

If our beliefs or behaviour patterns are not the same in our conscious and subconscious minds, there will be an internal conflict. Generally speaking, the subconscious mind is always stronger and wins. This is why, it is so difficult to change our habits and beliefs, even though they are often unwanted or damaging.

For instance, I need to do some public speaking. Consciously I know I prepared well and know my subject, but if there is a different behaviour pattern in my subconscious mind (perhaps memory of some bad presentation in the past) I will start to stutter, start sweating, shaking and feeling unwell.

Hypnosis sessions will be able to synchronise the unwanted behaviour and the desired behaviour. By accessing the subconscious mind  we can change and strengthen the desired outcome. We will be able to find new solutions to issues and be more aware of your inner strengths and capabilities. This process can then support you in sustaining change and help you to recognise patterns of thinking, feeling and doing that can shift old habits.

I hope, I helped you to start make sense of it all.

SO ..if you are intrigued, tried other things that did not produced any change and wonder if hypnotherapy can support you on your journey, I offer all my new clients a free 60 minute no-obligation appointment. We can chat about all your questions, your issue/concerns and get to know each other ascertaining if and how we might work together.

Make Me Feel Pharmacy

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If you need to address some lingering emotional burdens and unsolved problems that stops you from enjoying your life, rebalance your confidence and self-esteem or finally get rid of your phobias or smoking habit, you can book a free non-commitments Initial Consultation with me and start harnessing your true life potential.   Please call 07540082469 or 02086751207.

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Anxiety focused month


To kick off Anxiety focused month, I am offering 15% discount on anxiety related treatments.

Anxiety is the nemesis of the modern humans and it is helpful to understand what happens in our brain and body when we are exposed to stress. I wish, I would have known this 30 years ago myself. But it is never too late for anybody. .

In moderation and in appropriate situations, anxiety can be helpful and act as an engine to produce better results. If a mild anxiety gave you a shot of adrenaline during the interview, it might help you to think faster. Anxiety becomes problematic when it gets out of control and starts to rule your life and becomes default mode of behaviour.

Regrettably, it is undeniable fact, that the stress and anxiety are invisible causes of so many physical and emotional problems.

It is sad to see so many people living with a different degree of anxiety for years, suffering needlessly without seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The interesting thing is that the anxiety can affect almost anybody irrespective of the job, sex or age. It does not matter if you are a student, housewife or high flying executive. I can arrive rather unexpectedly or fester for years.


The intensity of your anxiety can vary, at best, it usually feels unpleasant and uncomfortable. These can include a racing heart, sweaty palms, dizziness, shakiness, stomach aches, nausea, feeling like using toilet repeatedly. At worst it can hold control over your life and can become a chronic anxiety problem leading to fear-related thoughts and out of control worries.  You struggle to progress in your life, feeling uneasy about certain situations, overwhelmed by your responsibilities. Student might produce high quality work during the year but he crumbles during the important exam. Relationship breakup can trap some people in limbo for years and completely wipe out their confidence.  Avoidance is a common symptom, when you try to avoid the anxiety inducing situation as quickly as possible.  Avoidance can also take the form of using unhelpful coping strategies to mask your anxious feelings – such as getting drunk to calm your nerves. However, this brings only short-term relief and does not address the cause.  While it might bring short-term relief, it risks fuelling your anxiety. In contrast, confronting your anxieties can be challenging in the short term, but is often the best route to easing them.


Anxiety and stress, responses of our primitive mind have very important role in our life and that is to keep us alive. So it’s completely normal to experience anxiety from time to time. Our primitive mind (that is the part we share with animals) is constantly scanning our environment, is constantly vigilant for any sign of a danger. If we are faced with a danger our body get stressed and releases powerful mix of chemicals and hormones, especially adrenaline, that activate your sympathetic nervous system, that will help us to mitigate the danger. This primes your body to survive a threat – we might need to fight or run as fast as we can to survive. If you’re confronted with a truly dangerous situation, it could save your life.

However, in our modern life, anxiety will often start with negative thoughts about an upcoming situation. For instance, worry that an exam will be too difficult and end in failure or that something will go wrong during our presentation. Other causes of anxiety include past traumatic experiences that leave you in a permanently fearful state. This could be even an event that upset us and made us feel bad. If these negative thought patterns persist they are likely to feed your anxiety in the long-term. In short, the anxiety is caused by negative thinking !  WE ARE  are the cause of the majority of OUR  anxieties. It sounds counterintuitive, but that is really good news, because logically, we are also able to change our thought patterns and step out of the vicious circle. In my next blog I will write about the mechanism that the body uses to eliminate everyday stress and how we can use it to get our stress under the control.

As you expect me to say – Hypnotherapy is very effective and safe treatment for stress and anxiety! Not only that, it is really empowering. If you are more curious about how hypnotherapy can help with your own problem or issue with anxiety, do not hesitate to contact me. I offer all my new clients, free, no obligation Initial Consultation.

Welcome to my new Practice!

iva hitmair hypnothrapy

I am very excited to introduce Iva Hittmair Hypnotherapy Practice and Website. I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, based in South London, Clapham.  Despite the fact, that hypnotherapy can effectively address various issues, it is still shrouded in mystery and misconceptions.  I would like to lift the misconceptions here in my blogs and explain how it can help with your problem and set you free to fulfil your potential in your life. I would like to start this month with our old nemesis Stress and Anxiety. If you struggle with anxiety, please look out for my next blog on 22.05., where I explain how we can get your anxiety under the control with hypnotherapy.